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Pixel Suite 2015

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Introducing Pixel White - a mass-production system for masked background-replacement portraits

Nikomate 2015 - Now with Pixel White

Pixel Web Ordering System - let your customers order Pixel White backgrounds on-line

Pixel Suite 2015 - greater automation, quality verification and efficiency

Pixel Web Ordering System - flexible & effective web ordering

Photography Coach - help your photographers capture great images all the time

Hi! My name is Nick Mylas and I’ve been taking School Photos for the last 30 years. We have a School Portraiture business that spans two continents and photographs some 250,000 heads per year.

We’ve made our Digital Production tools available for other labs and Photography companies for many years and have many happy customers around the world. Today, with the mass-portraiture business is as competitive as ever, I’m pleased to bring you our latest release the Pixel Suite 2015.


We’ve made some significant advances within the Suite over the last years, focused on increased automation, function and new products. Every user of the Pixel Suite benefits from my focus on the realities of today’s mass-portraiture market. With most students having a smart-phone with a ‘Good Enough’ camera and sharing images of themselves and friends on the Internet, School Photos are having a hard time staying relevant.


We’ve responded to these challenges by making attractive products easy and efficient to mass-produce. We’ve invested in tools that let you monitor the quality of your Photographers work in real time so the images you have to work with are the best possible. Production is automated in ways I could only wish was possible 5 years ago and the Cloud promises to add another quantum leap to the way we do things.

In 2015, we’re really happy to present a brand new product, Pixel White. It’s a background replacement system that is tightly integrated in our production environment, meaning that you can realistically use background replacement products in mass-production. We’re also beginning to use our APEG file format that bundles all the images and metadata for a subject together so managing the numerous images for a single subject becomes so much easier. Enjoy this release!

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